Insurance Premiums

Insurance Premiums and Coverage 2023-2024

Monthly Premiums
Teacher$16.02 (monthly)
Secretary Treasurer$32.04 (monthly)
Superannuate$26.70 (monthly)
Disability/ICP$13.35 (monthly)
  • The Minister of Finance is responsible for 50 per cent of the premium required to provide each teacher the coverage as set out in the provincial collective bargaining agreement.
  • Superannuated teachers, secretaries, treasurers, secretary- treasurers and superintendents of administration are responsible for 100 per cent of the premiums required.
  • Teacher and secretary premiums are deducted by the employer monthly commencing in September (or the month employment commences) and ending in June.
  • Individuals receiving pension benefits, Disability and/or Income Continuance will have 12 equal monthly premiums deducted from their allowance.
  • For those teachers or eligible persons who terminate employment or who commence a leave of absence prior to June 30, the required premiums for the balance of the insurance year must be deducted to ensure coverage until August 31.
  • Should a death occur during the year, the employer shall deduct the premium for the month of death.