Registration forms for designating beneficiaries are available from the employing board and the Teachers’ Superannuation Commission. The insured individual may change their designated beneficiary at any time.

Upon the insured’s death, benefits are payable to the beneficiary last legally designated in writing by the insured or, if no designated beneficiary survives the insured, to the insured’s estate. When more than one beneficiary is designated, benefits are paid in equal shares to the beneficiaries or to the survivors or survivor of them, unless otherwise specified in writing.

Insurance benefits for reasons other than death are payable to the individual unless written notice indicating otherwise is filed with the insurance carrier.

Insurance benefits are payable in one lump sum, however, alternative payment options can be negotiated with the insurance carrier.

Written notice of a claim must be provided to the Teachers’ Superannuation Commission for:

  • waiver of premium benefits: the claim must be made within 12 months after the insured’s sick leave benefits end. However, such a claim should be made as soon as possible after commencement of total disability and resulting absence from teaching.
  • any other loss: a claim must be made within 3 months of date of loss.

Written proof of claim, as applicable, must also be provided to the Teachers’ Superannuation Commission.

Time limits for submission of proof of claims:
Life Insurancedeath claimmust be received within 6 years of the date of death
Life Insurancewaiver of premiumgreater of one year after disability or the expiration of salaried sick leave
Insurance for Death or Dismemberment by Accidental Meansno later than 365 days after the date of accident