Accidental Death and Dismemberment

If you are injured or die by accidental drowning or in an accident, the insurance carrier will pay benefits:

  • if the accident occurs while you are covered for Accidental Death & Dismemberment;
  • if the accident is the sole cause of the injury;
  • if the accident is the sole cause of a covered loss shown below; and
  • if the loss occurs not more than 365 days after the date of the accident.

Insurance benefits are payable at the following percentages of the amount of insurance in effect at the time of the injury.

100 per cent
  • loss of life
  • loss of entire sight of both eyes
  • loss of both hands
  • loss of both feet-loss of the sight of one eye and either a hand or a foot
  • loss of one hand and one foot
  • loss of speech and voice
  • loss of use of limbs resulting in paraplegia, hemiplegia ¬†or quadriplegia
50 per cent
  • loss of entire sight of one eye
  • loss of one hand
  • loss of one foot
  • loss of use of one arm or one leg
25 per cent
  • loss of thumb and index finger on same hand
  • loss of hearing in both ears
  • Loss of hand means severance at or above the wrist. Loss of a foot means severance at or above the ankle. Loss of sight, hearing, speech and voice must be total and irrecoverable. Loss of thumb and index finger means severance at or above the metacarpophalangeal joints. Loss includes loss of use where the loss is total and irreversible.
  • Only one payment will be made for injuries to the same limb resulting from any one accident. No more than 100 per cent of the amount of Accidental Death and Dismemberment is payable for all losses from any one accident.
  • Payment will not be made under this provision for loss resulting from any of the following:
    • disease
    • bodily or mental infirmity
    • ptomaine or bacterial infection
    • war
    • self-destruction or self-inflicted injury while insane
    • intentional self-destruction or intentional self-inflicted injury
    • any loss or loss resulting from injury suffered prior to being insured under the group policy

Additional Benefits

If loss of life as the result of a covered accident occurs at least 200 kilometers away from the permanent place of residence, up to $3,000 is available for actual expenses incurred for preparing the body for burial or cremation and shipment to the place of burial.

If an individual suffers a covered loss, up to $2,500 is available for rehabilitation training to prepare an individual for a new occupation, if required. All such expenses must be incurred within two years from the date of the accident.

If an individual is granted a waiver of premium as a result of total disability, the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit is also continued without payment of premiums during the period of disability. The amount of coverage will continue at the level in effect at the time the waiver is granted.

If application for an individual policy is made under the terms of the “Conversion” clause for life insurance benefits, an individual has the option of applying for accidental death benefit without undergoing any medical examination.