Eligibility Requirements

A teacher may elect to retire at any time after meeting eligibility requirements subject to termination from the Income Continuance Plan and Teachers’ Superannuation Plan.

If the service component is achieved by June 30, and the teacher reaches the appropriate age before December 31 of that year, the teacher will be eligible for the allowance on July 1.

One hundred and ninety or more teaching days in a school year while under a contract of employment in accordance with Section 200 of The Education Act, 1995 count as a complete year of teaching service.

Retirement with an Unreduced Allowance

Teachers are eligible to retire with an unreduced allowance on or following:

  1. The teacher’s 65th birthday with one year of eligibility service;
  2. The teacher’s 60th birthday with 20 years of eligibility service;
  3. The teacher’s 60th birthday or any subsequent date when the sum of the teacher’s age, eligibility service, and qualifying service equals at least 85 years;
  4. The teacher’s 55th birthday when the sum of the teacher’s age and eligibility service equals at least 85 years; or
  5. At any age when the teacher has completed 30 years of eligibility service.

Retirement with a Reduced Allowance

In the following circumstances, a teacher may retire without meeting the conditions set out in Section A. A reduction in the amount of the benefit paid occurs on the following basis:

  • Effective January 1, 1993, if the teacher is at least age 55 and has 20 years of eligibility service, then the allowance is reduced by 0.25% for each month prior to the earlier of:
    • The teacher’s 60th birthday, or
    • The teacher’s age plus eligibility service equals 85.
  • If the teacher’s age is over 55, but less than 60, and the sum of the teacher’s age and service is at least 85, and at least some of the service is qualifying service, then the pension is reduced as follow:
Reduction Factor
Age 55 but less than 5611.9%
Age 56 but less than 579.8%
Age 57 but less than 587.5%
Age 58 but less than 595.2%
Age 59 but less than 602.7%

If more than one of (a) or (b) apply, the allowance will be reduced by the smaller factor.

Procedure: Superannuation Records

A printout of your service record may be obtained by writing to the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Superannuation Commission. Please include your social insurance and your teaching certificate number.