How Benefits Are Affected During Sick & Disability Leave

Benefits under the Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement continue during the period the teacher is receiving sick leave, ICP and disability benefits as follows:


Service accrues and pension contributions are deducted from the teacher’s pay during use of annual and accumulated sick leave. Service, for the purpose of determining eligibility where age plus service equals 85, accumulates while teachers who are members of the Saskatchewan Teachers Superannuation Plan are receiving or eligible to receive benefits under the Saskatchewan Teachers Disability Benefits Plan.

Teachers’ Dental Plan

Under Section 200 of The Education Act, 1995, teachers employed full or part time on a continuing or replacement contract or on a temporary contract of 20 or more days continue to be covered under the Teachers’ Dental Plan while on leave for reasons of sickness or disability. During the period of sick leave, claims should be filed in the usual manner.

Teachers’ Group Life Insurance

Teachers actively teaching during the month of September will have the balance of premiums deducted for the school year from the last pay cheque before accumulated sick leave is exhausted. If you have not returned to teach the following September, premiums will be deducted from your ICP or TSP disability benefits. Teachers who are totally disabled may apply to waive insurance premiums.