Sick Leave Benefits

Sick leave consists of a period of absence when a teacher is unable to work for health related reasons. Notify the employing school board of any leave of absence due to sickness or disability. Please consult your school board’s policies regarding notice requirements.

Article 7 of the Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines the provisions regarding sick leave benefits, including annual entitlement and accumulated sick leave credits. Full-time teachers under contract in accordance with Section 200 of The Education Act, 1995 have an annual sick leave entitlement of 20 days. The annual sick leave entitlement for part-time teachers is prorated based on the percentage of contract of employment. The unused portion of the 20 days of sick leave per school year will accumulate to a maximum of 180 days. Accumulated sick leave credits are portable from one jurisdiction to another within the K-12 system in Saskatchewan. Some time limits apply to portability following a teacher’s termination of employment with a board of education.

A teacher’s absence due to sickness or disability shall be deducted from the teacher’s sick leave entitlement. A teacher continues to receive regular salary from the employing school board until the teacher’s sick leave entitlement is exhausted. A medical certificate may be requested by the employing school board within 30 days from the first day of absence. A second medical opinion may be required at the school board’s expense.