Partial Sick Leave Benefit

There are occasions when a teacher will reduce teaching time due to sickness or disability upon the advise of the teacher’s doctor. Teachers are able to draw on their sick leave entitlement and receive salary for that portion of time the teacher is unable to teach. In these circumstances it is necessary for the teacher and the board of education to mutually agree upon a plan for the teacher’s reduction in teaching time.

There are also occasions where a teacher has been absent on account of sickness or disability and is able to return to teach for a fraction of regular teaching time, as verified by the teacher’s doctor. A plan for re-entry to teaching mutually agreeable to the teacher and the board of education is required.

Where a mutually agreeable plan cannot be reached with respect to a reduction in teaching time or re-entry to teaching, the teacher may choose to continue teaching in accordance with the contract of employment or be paid full sick leave benefits.