Disability Benefit Plan

A teacher is eligible for disability benefits provided the teacher:

  1. has 10 or more years of eligibility and/or STF Income Continuance Plan (ICP) service;
  2. 3 years of which is in the period of 5 years immediately prior to the date the disability benefit may commence;
  3. has not attained the age of 65; and
  4. is disabled for a period of 60 or more calendar days.

The amount of disability benefit payable is calculated by using the same formula that applies when calculating a regular age and service allowance with an offset for Canada Pension Plan disability allowance, if granted.

Note: The Teacher is required to apply to the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development, Income Security Programs for Canada Pension Plan disability allowance.

If a teacher has taken a refund of contributions, the number of years refunded will not be used in the calculation of the disability benefit. A benefit may not be payable at all if the number of years for which contributions were refunded reduces the number of eligibility years to less than 10.

The disability benefit commences when the sick leave benefits from a school board cease. Benefits are payable for as long as the teacher is disabled from teaching and upon submission of medical evidence as required by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Commission.

At age 65 the teacher has the option of the greater of:

  1. having their disability benefits recalculated to include periods of ICP service; or
  2. applying for a regular pension benefit.

Prior to the expiry of sick leave benefits from a school board, a teacher should obtain the necessary application forms from the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Commission. (Teachers should consider reinstating a refund, purchasing eligible periods of parenting absence, full-time attendance at university and/or outside service before commencing a disability allowance.)

Once a teacher is in receipt of disability benefits, the teacher may not apply for a refund of contributions from the pension fund nor make contributions for related service.